Community Development & Planning

A vibrant downtown
A diverse economy within our regional employment centers
A range of housing types to meet the needs of the community
A ecologically sensitive open space network
A safe, efficient, and environmentally conscious transportation system

 DRAFT - Recreation and Open Space Plan 2015

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Director: Karen Sawyer Conard   (978) 538-5770   Email
Assistant Director of Community Development: Stacey Bernson   (978) 538-5771   Email
Assistant Director of Planning: Brendan Callahan   (978) 538-5780   Email
Julie Daigle: Business Liaison: (978) 538-5775   Email
Administrative Assistant: Robin LaRosa   (978) 538-5772   Email
North Shore HOME Consortium: Lisa Greene   (978) 538-5777   Email
North Shore HOME Consortium: Kevin Hurley   (978) 538-5774   Email
Clerk, Planning Board: Tessa Marc-Aurele   (978) 538-5793   Email
Clerk, Zoning Board of Appeals: Grace Augulewicz   (978) 538-5792   Email
City Planner: Pedro Soto   (978) 538-5783   Email
Conservation Agent: Lucia DelNegro   (978) 538-5782   Email

Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Board of Appeals

Variance from Zoning Board of Appeals

Planning Documents

Site plan review from the Planning Board

Community Development Documents

45 Walnut Street Project

Housing Production Plan

Crystal Lake RFP

Peabody Farmers Market

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

Affordable Units for Sale

General Information

Telephone: (978) 538-5706
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