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The City Clerk is responsible for the maintenance of factual public records and the fair administration of elections. The Clerk attends and keeps records of all meetings of the City Council. The Clerk and all members of his staff are Notary Publics and have the authority to notarize documents signed in their presence, as well as swear in Notary Publics. The department is responsible for completing a yearly City Census and publishing a pollbook, available for $10.00. The Clerk issues residency, birth, death and marriage certificates and is the official keeper of the City Seal.


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City Clerk:  Tim Spanos (978) 538-5750   Email
Colleen Kolodziej   (978) 538-5752   Email
Allyson Danforth   (978) 538-5751   Email
Matthew Jenkins   (978) 538-5753   Email


How do I obtain a White Good Sticker?

2014 City Census

The City Clerk's Office is now updating the 2011 City census. If you have received your census, please return to the City Clerk's Office immediately. Residents can also leave their census at the following locations: Main Library, 82 Main Street; West Branch Library, 603 Lowell Street; South Branch Library, 78 Lynn Street, Community Life Center, 79 Central Street. If any resident has not received a census form, you may call the City Clerk's Office to inquire or download the 2017 City of Peabody Census Form
and return it to the City Clerk's Office.

It is important to answer the census and be counted. Answering the census keeps you active on the voting list - please bear in mind that we have a very important Presidential election this November. The census also helps the City with various grant applications, if you are in the military you may be eligible for the bonus buy back program, proving your residence, and aids police and fire for 911 purposes.

How can I obtain a copy of vital record (birth certificate, death certificate, marriage license)?

How do I apply for an absentee ballot?

How do I change my address for voting?

You must update your voter registration every time you move. If you have moved, you may update your registration by filling out a new voter registration form. If you move after the deadline to register to vote in a state election or primary, you should wait to update your registration until after the date of the election or primary, and return to vote at your previous polling place in Massachusetts. State law allows you to vote from a previous address in a state election for up to six month after you have moved, as long as you have not registered elsewhere. You can change your address using the Secretary of State's Online Voter Registration System.

Can I do genealogical research at the City Clerk's Office?

Yes. The Office of the City Clerk provides genealogical researchers access to certain indexes, records and information. This access is available during regular business hours. Further research may be conducted at:
Vital Records Division of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Massachusetts State Archives National Archives-New England Region

How do I register to vote?

Where do I vote?

The City of Peabody is divided into six (6) wards, each containing three (3) precincts. After you register to vote you will be sent a confirmation notice which indicates your ward, precinct and polling location.
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Who are my representatives?

How do we obtain a marriage license?

Except for a few exceptional circumstances, both parties must appear in person at the Office of the City Clerk in order to obtain a marriage license. The couple must complete and sign under oath an Intention of Marriage. Information that is essential in completing this form is your social security number, your place of birth and your mother's maiden name. The fee for filing the Intention of Marriage is $25.00.

A pre-marital blood test is no-longer required in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts requires a mandatory three-day waiting period from the time the Intention of Marriage is filed before a Marriage License can be issued. A waiver from this period may be obtained from the Municipal Court. A marriage license must be used within 60 days from the date of filing the Intention of Marriage.

How do I file for a Business Certificate?

Massachusetts requires anyone who is conducting business under an alias (i.e. any other name than their own), including corporations, to file a business certificate in the community where their business is principally headquartered. This form, also called a "DBA" which stands for "doing business as", contains the name and address of the business and the names and residences of the principals of the business. This certificate must be signed in the presence of a designated clerk in the Office of the City Clerk or a Notary Public. The certificate is effective for four years and the filing fee is $20.00. The fee for filing an amendment is $10.00. (Business Certificate Form)

How do I protect my business name?

Filing a business certificate at the local level does not protect your name. If you have a business name or a symbol that you consider unique and valuable you may want to register it as a trademark or a service mark. Trademarks are any word, name, symbol, or device, or any combination of these used to identify the goods of a business and distinguish those goods from the goods of others. Similarly, there are service marks that may be used to identify and distinguish a business which provides a service rather than goods. You are not required to register your trademark or service mark with any governmental agency. Trademarks are protected under common law. However, by registering your mark, you may gain certain exclusive ownership benefits under statutory law. You should contact the Specialized Section in the Corporations Division of the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth for further information (

Where can my child obtain a work permit?

Work permits for children, ages 14 through 17, may be obtained at the School Department. (978) 531-1600.

Where do I pay my parking fines?

Parking fines may be paid at the Police Department.

Where do I obtain a dog license?

A Dog License must be issued to the owner or a keeper of a dog at least six months of age or older. To license a dog, you must show proof of a current vaccination (just the rabies tag is insufficient) and proof of spay or neutering. The fee for a spay or neutered dog is $10.00 and a male or female is $20.00. You may license the dog in person at the City Clerk's Office, mail in the dog license application form, or request for a license using the City's Online Payment Center. Check can be made payable to the City of Peabody. You can download an application here. here.

How do I obtain a Yard Sale Permit?

A Yard Sale Permit (residential only) must be issued if any resident is planning on conducting a yard sale or garage sale. Permits can be obtained from the City Clerk's Office at any time prior to the event. Yard sales are limited to two (2) days per calendar year. The fee for a permit is $5.00 per day. A resident can also indicate a rain date. Signs are prohibited from being affixed to City property such as telephone poles, street signs, sidewalks, etc.

Where can I get a hunting & fishing license?

A hunting and fishing license can no longer be obtained from the City Clerks office. All licenses are now obtained via an all electronic system thru the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. Please click here for more information. Any questions please call 978-538-5756.

Misc Business License Approved By City Council

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