The City of Peabody has 51 cemeteries in total. There are six municipal cemeteries in Peabody; all others are either private or historic. Three of the six municipal cemeteries still inter. Burial lots are available for purchase at Cedar Grove Cemetery and Oak Grove Cemetery. The office of the Superintendent of Cemeteries, David Cronin, is located in Cedar Grove Cemetery.

Municipal Cemeteries

Cedar Grove - the largest City run Cemetery with over 133 Acres, established in 1868
Oak Grove - established in 1870
Old South Burial Grounds - established in 1689
Emerson - established in 1799
Monumental - established in 1840
Prescott - established in 1774


Cedar Grove Cemetery, 100 Rear Cedar Grove Avenue, Peabody, MA
Oak Grove Cemetery, Pine Street, Peabody, MA
Old South Burial Grounds, Main Street
Emerson Cemetery, Corner of Washington and Allens Lane
Monumental Cemetery, 73 Wallis Street
Prescott Cemetery, 6 Tremont Street


Cemeteries Hours
Open from dawn until dusk, weather permitting.

Office Hours (may change without notice)

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

7:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

9:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.

Saturday & Sunday


Our professional and courteous staff is happy to help with any of your cemetery needs. Please schedule an in-person consultation by calling the office at 978-531-1073, or by sending email to:

David J. Cronin Superintendent of Cemeteries Dave.Cronin@peabody-ma.gov

Christine Turner Office Manager, Cemeteries Christine.Turner@peabody-ma.gov


Lots are available for purchase at Cedar Grove Cemetery and Oak Grove Cemetery You must be a Peabody resident to purchase a lot at Cedar Grove or Oak Grove Cemeteries


The City of Peabody Cemetery Commission oversees and implements policies regulating the City's cemeteries.

Rules of Etiquette

Established and updated by the City of Peabody Cemetery Commission, these rules of etiquette are intended to make the cemetery accessible and enjoyable to all visitors.

Dogs must be kept on leash and off graves at all times

Properly dispose waste in trash receptacles located throughout the cemetery

Plantings (excluding shrubs and trees) are permitted only within one foot of the front of headstones; no shrubs or trees are permitted around headstones

Speed limit 15 mph throughout all cemeteries at all times

Storage of personal possessions on cemetery property shall not be permitted

Acts of vandalism are unlawful and prohibited, however the City of Peabody and the Cemetery Commission cannot be responsible for acts of vandalism within the cemetery

No outside waste shall be permitted to be dumped on any cemetery property

Additional rules and regulations may be found in the City of Peabody Cemetery Handbook, which is available upon written request to the Superintendent of Cemeteries.

General Information

Telephone: (978) 531-1073
Fax : (978) 977-0784
E-Mail :