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The following list is being provided by the City of Peabody as a resource for people seeking affordable homeownership opportunities. All of the units listed have deed restrictions pertaining to the sale price and buyer eligibility. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all affordable units for sale in the City of Peabody. The City of Peabody believes that all the information is accurate, but is not liable for any inaccuracies. The units listed are private sales and are not affiliated with or endorsed by City of Peabody. For application information, you must call the number listed on each ad.

Affordable Homeownership Opportunity at 8 Walnut Street, Peabody. Resale Applications are now being accepted on a first-come, first serve. Please contact JTE Realty Associates for information and/or an application at 978-258-3492. Click Here

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Habitat for Humanity-N.Shore

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Citizens' Housing and Planning Association (Lottery)
Citizens' Housing and Planning Association (Housing Resales)

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